Electronics Recycling

Did you know that DRC Technologies offers electronics waste recycling?

pile of electronics for recycling
If it has a plug, we most likely take it.

According to the United Nations, 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are discarded every year.

At DRC Technologies, we aim to change those numbers by keeping electronics waste out of our landfills, our earth, and our water. 

DRC Technologies building
Convenient off street parking for easy unloading of ewaste.

We offer e-waste recycling at our retail location in Northampton, PA.  And, unlike the occasional County or Township events, we’re open five days a week for convenient drop off.

  • We take most anything with a plug; from computers, TVs, phones & air conditioners to hair dryers, razors & electric weed whackers.
  • Most electronics are free to recycle.  We do have to charge for some items due to the chemicals/heavy metals in their components (see the list below).
  • We’ll help you carry heavy items from your vehicle-just give us a call at 610-502-0854 before you stop by.
  • Anyone can participate in our electronics recycling program. You don’t need to be a resident of any particular county, township, or borough.
  • We offer data transfer services in the event that you need your information transferred from one electronic device to another.
  • We offer hard drive destruction services for a nominal fee so you can be confident that any personal information won’t be able to be accessed by others.
elctronics waste recycling price sheet DRC Technologies