AI In Use: What Can It Do? Blog FI

AI In Use: What Can It Do?

With all the buzz surrounding AI, it’s no surprise that it’s already being put to use across several industries. To better understand its use, in […]

So... What Really Is AI? Featured Image

So… What Really Is AI?

When you think AI, short for artificial intelligence, you might think futuristic robots, sentient machines, and metallic humanoids that clean your home and babysit the […]

Saving Main Street FI

Saving Main Street

Once upon a time on a strip of land near you, there sat a magical and bustling place. Magical, you ask? Yes, there was ice […]

Unplugging Ideas For Summer

I’m dating myself by admitting this, but unplugging wasn’t a thing when we were kids…mostly because we didn’t have anything from which to unplug. The […]

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Unplugging: Ideas for Fall

Unplugging.  It’s a thing.  In days of old people called it Tuesday. Our grandparents weren’t inundated with constant noise.  They spent their days in relative […]

DRC Technologies Is It Summertime Fun Or Gamer Addiction Blog FI

Gamer Addiction & Summertime Fun

So here we are, two thirds of the way through summer, and what have you done? Maybe the more important question to ask is, what […]