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How to Choose a New Computer

You need a new computer. You check online. But there are so…many…choices! RAM this, processing that. It can be overwhelming. What the heck does it […]

Unplugging Ideas For Summer

I’m dating myself by admitting this, but unplugging wasn’t a thing when we were kids…mostly because we didn’t have anything from which to unplug. The […]


How to Make a Strong Password

Techs: You need to make a strong password! The Rest of Us: Stick fingers in our ears and say, “La La La I can’t hear […]

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How to Spring Clean Your Computer

Aaaah, Spring. Daffodils and tulips poke their heads through the last bits of snow covered soil, the birds awaken you with their beautiful songs, and […]

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Unplugging: Ideas for Fall

Unplugging. It’s a thing. In days of old people called it Tuesday. Our grandparents weren’t inundated with constant noise. They spent their days in relative […]