graphic about planned obsolescence

Planned Obsolescence – The Real Cost of Your Electronics

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Ever feel like your electronics don’t last?  Do you feel like things aren’t made like they used to be? You’re right.  They aren’t.  And, as consumers, it’s partly our fault. Planned Obsolescence – The Concept It’s a pretty simple idea (albeit a disturbing one) with a fancy name…planned obsolescence.  And it’s applied to the vast […]

Electronics Recycling – Time for Some Spring Cleaning; Waste Not, Want Not

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We all know it; we just choose to close our eyes to it. You know what I’m talking about…this throw-away society that we’ve become. We, collectively, can no longer deny the necessity for electronics recycling to become integrated into our waste disposal routine.  To do anything less is to be irresponsible. In so many ways […]