Unplugging Ideas For Summer

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I’m dating myself by admitting this, but unplugging wasn’t a thing when we were kids…mostly because we didn’t have anything from which to unplug. The Good ‘Ol Days We didn’t have cell phones, tablets, or computers. A few of us had Ataris but attention spans for simple games like River Raid or Frogger waned quickly. […]


How to Make a Strong Password

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Techs: You need to make a strong password! The Rest of Us: Stick fingers in our ears and say, “La La La I can’t hear you!” while typing 1234 as our passwords. Techs: Collectively groan. The techs may grumble, but hey, we’re human right? It’s our nature to avoid that which we find difficult, inconvenient, […]

drc technologies top 8 reason to support small business with buildings in background

Top 8 Reasons to Support Small Business

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In an internet age of nearly instant gratification of our wants & needs what would ever possess us to consider utilizing local services? As ardent supporters of small business, and in support of Small Business Month (May), we’ll happily share why. How do Small Businesses Help You? Trust. Sadly, the more dependent we become on […]

graphic about planned obsolescence

Planned Obsolescence – The Real Cost of Your Electronics

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Ever feel like your electronics don’t last?  Do you feel like things aren’t made like they used to be? You’re right.  They aren’t.  And, as consumers, it’s partly our fault. Planned Obsolescence – The Concept It’s a pretty simple idea (albeit a disturbing one) with a fancy name…planned obsolescence.  And it’s applied to the vast […]

Unplugging graphic disconnect to reconnect

Unplugging: Ideas for Fall

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Unplugging.  It’s a thing.  In days of old people called it Tuesday. Our grandparents weren’t inundated with constant noise.  They spent their days in relative silence.  If they were lucky they had a radio that they all gathered around a few times a week to listen to a program.  Their lives were simpler. Modern day […]