Technology tips for staying safe online, virus protection and removal, and what to do if you’ve been hacked.


How to Make a Strong Password

Techs: You need to make a strong password! The Rest of Us: Stick fingers in our ears and say, “La La La I can’t hear you!” while typing 1234 as our passwords. Techs: Collectively groan. The techs may grumble, but hey, we’re human right? It’s our nature to avoid that which we find difficult, inconvenient,…

how to protect yourself from computer viruses picture of hands washing

Computer Viruses – How to Protect Yourself

Computer viruses are the flu of the technology world. And just like viruses in the human world, you can help prevent infection. Remember your mom yelling at you emphatically reminding you when you were a kid to wash your hands so you didn’t get sick? Remember the doctor saying, “An ounce of prevention….”? They were…

tips for safe online shopping

Safe Online Shopping – 9 Tips to Stay Protected

Safe Online Shopping – 9 Tips to Stay Protected It’s nearly that time of year again!  Time for family & friends, holiday cheer, the magic of Christmas, warm fires, cut-out cookies, work parties, running around like a lunatic shopping….gaining ten pounds from attempting to comfort yourself with food after all the insanity of shopping….  …